Dominant Products:3004 Color Coated Aluminum Coil Introduction

November 22, 2022
Latest company news about Dominant Products:3004 Color Coated Aluminum Coil Introduction

Variety covered aluminum coil item presentation: aluminum coil is broadly utilized, can be handled into variety covered aluminum coil, covered aluminum coil, enriching aluminum coil. Variety covered aluminum coil: can create aluminum plastic plate, cross over cut open is variety covered aluminum plate, covered aluminum plate, beautiful aluminum plate.

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Highlights of variety covered aluminum coil:

1. Little thickness and light weight (33% of the heaviness of steel plate and hardened steel plate).

2, simple to deal with, can be fortified.

3, pliancy, simple to process.

4. Erosion obstruction.

5, no low temperature fragility.

6. Great electrical and warm conductivity.

7, sound ingestion.

8. Atomic radiation obstruction.

9. Lovely, the surface has the capability of against maturing and weatherability.

10, add composite series 3 and 5, with more grounded inflexibility, better extensibility qualities.


Process attributes of variety covered aluminum coil

A light aluminum coil in the wake of cleaning, chrome, roll covering, baking and another handling, aluminum coil surface with various shades of paint covering, that is to say, variety covered aluminum coil.

Second, variety aluminum due to its light surface, brilliant variety, simple handling, no rust and different benefits, is generally utilized in warm protection boards, aluminum drapery wall, aluminum rooftop framework, aluminum roof and numerous different fields.

Three, covered aluminum coils, as a result of the different handling interactions and use reason, can be basically isolated into: surface covering paint, partitioned into polyester (PE) covered aluminum coil and fluorocarbon (PVDF) covered aluminum coil; Epoxy roller covered aluminum coil. Obviously, there are situations where one side is covered with fluorocarbon and the other with polyester; There are even situations where the two sides are covered with fluorocarbon.

Four, covering thickness: can be partitioned into a solitary covering (4μm-20μm); Twofold covering (25μm-28μm); (3) covering (35μm-38μm); The surface example is different, otherwise called wood grain aluminum roll, stone grain aluminum roll, block design, disguise aluminum roll, material aluminum roll, and so on. Due to various purposes, it is likewise for the most part called roofing material (aluminum magnesium manganese material framework), roof material (do aluminum combination roof), wire drawing plate (surface after wire drawing treatment, etc.

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Fundamental elements of roller-covered aluminum coil:

1, great temperature obstruction, the aluminum liquefying point is 660 degrees, the overall temperature can not arrive at its dissolving point.

2, in number ecological security, difficult to change variety utilizing without chromium treatment fluid activity; Roller paints contain responsive substance particles that urge a defensive layer to shape on the outer layer of the material. The dynamic compound particles are steady and simple to reuse, meeting the necessities of ecological assurance.

3, consumption obstruction in light of the fact that its surface has a layer of tight oxide film, serious areas of strength for has, oxidation opposition, corrosive obstruction, salt obstruction, erosion obstruction, rot obstruction, bright radiation opposition, etc.

4, uniform tone, extremely durable, uniform and fragile variety. Delicate and perfect, stay away from the customary splashing of individual variety contrast peculiarity, regardless of how enormous the roof, its tone is steady. Enduring perpetually new.

5, intense blend, high strength of the board. Inflexible blend, can be uninhibitedly cut, strip, circular segment bowing, pressure balance, boring, association fixed and side pressure shaping.