Why are there black spots on the 2024 aluminum sheet?

December 30, 2022

During the creation or use of 2024 aluminum checker plate, dark spots some of the time show up on them. What's happening in this present circumstance? We should concentrate on it. The first is the material of the aluminum checker plate. The upper front of the aluminum checker plate delivered by the aluminum checker plate producer is handled from 0.5mm thick LF21 aluminum checker plate.

This sort of 2024 aluminum checker plate has different pieces of similar material, comparable shape, and a similar interaction, while the comparatively formed parts handled simultaneously didn't have such disappointments. What's more, this isn't a disappointment brought about by a deformity in the natural substance. So as far as handling innovation, the general cycle course of silver plating on the upper cover is machine-added parts-pre-treatment-plunging excited electro-stirred electro-copper-electro-silver-shower paint-plunging 823-warehousing.


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During the time spent in 2024 aluminum checker plate electroplating, as a matter of some importance, it is conceivable that a specific creation connection of electroplating has changed, which prompts the event of disappointments. In any case, the examination found that the comparable parts handled in a similar period didn't have such disappointments under the condition that there was no adjustment of the creation conditions. Subsequently, factors that cause changes in electroplating creation conditions are dispensed with.

As per past creation experience, the most well-known reason for the staining of silver-plated parts is the impact of sulfur on the silver-plated layer. Here, It's worth focusing on that 2024 aluminum checker plate is one of Yongsheng's aluminum profitable items. Plus, the items are generally utilized in molds, parts, and different fields, and with a great standing and high market acknowledgment, you can buy with certainty.

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Previously, it has happened that the parts after silver plating were not bundled and fixed in time, and they were put in the electroplating studio for quite a while, which caused the silver plating layer to become yellow. Notwithstanding, after the broken parts were plated with silver, they were bundled in time and put away in a desiccator.

It very well may be seen that this was not impacted by the air climate of the studio. As far as painting process, it was found that the painting system of the upper cover has been fixed in clusters. The main explanation is that the hole isn't stopped, permitting paint fog to enter and stick to the outer layer of the silver plating layer and can't be taken out. To forestall such disappointments, it is prescribed to seal the hole with 3M tape during the handling to keep paint fog from entering.