Features and uses of 1050 aluminum sheet

January 13, 2023

1050 Aluminum Sheet Features
1. 1050 aluminum sheet , which belongs to pure aluminum series, has high ductility and reflectivity.
2.1050 aluminum sheet is a non-heat treatment alloy, which is enhanced by cold working, and has excellent cold workability, solderability and weldability.
3. Compared with metals with higher alloy content, 1050 aluminum sheet mechanical strength is lower, so 1050 aluminum alloy is well suitable for chemical and electrolytic brightening but not in casting.
4. The least important point is that the surface of 1050 aluminum sheet can be anodized. In addition, it has medium strength and excellent processing technology makes 1050 aluminum sheet have a wider range of applications.

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Usage of 1050 Aluminum Sheet
1050 aluminum sheet is commonly used in some places that require high corrosion resistance and formability but not high strength. 1050 aluminum sheet is also industrial aluminum. For example, A typical application is the manufacture of chemical industry containers. In addition,1050 aluminum alloy is used for lithium battery soft connection, pole material, explosion-proof valve, PS board base, heat sink, signage, lamp, reflector, etc.